About Me

I'm a freelance photographer living in the South of Devon and enjoying all the photographic possibilities in the county.

I picked up my love of photography from my Father and Grandfather, both had a number of cameras around the house, leading to my first goes at both film and digital photography, the latter with a 2 megapixel brick from Fuji that my Father was amazingly proud of.

Although my personal photos range from landscapes to birds, from wildlife to abstract and everything in between I enjoy the challenge of editorial and advertising photography and approach it with with professionalism, creativity and attention to detail.

I love finding new angles and new shots above and beyond the norm to make people sit up and take notice. I'm an artistic photographer with a range of photographic and canvas art images in my shop and I bring this determination to get an attractive picture to every shoot.

I'm also proficient in macro photography so even if your work is based around the smallest of small items, I can capture it with razor-sharp precision.\

So whether you're after a stock image or a full personal photographic service to boost your company, please get in touch.